Women's Care Center of Lincoln

helping pregnant women from our communities choose life for their babies, have healthier pregnancies, become better parents and take first steps to self-sufficiency



In its first year (2021), Women’s Care Center on South 48th Street in Lincoln saved 244 babies and performed 650 Ultrasounds! 2022 will see an expansion of the Lincoln center and even more babies saved. They will also be growing important new programs like “Raising Kids with Character” and “Strong Fathers”. Women’s Care Center was founded by the well-known Catholic theologian Dr. Janet Smith in 1984, when she was a young professor at the University of Notre Dame. The center has grown to become the largest, most successful pregnancy resource center in America, serving 30,000 women annually. Currently, there are thirty-three centers in twelve states, including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Women’s Care Center provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, support, and educational programs for women. Sarah Kroner, the Director of Women’s Care Center, grew up in Springfield, Illinois and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in the fall of 2018. She is a Registered Nurse and graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from OSF St. Francis College of Nursing in Peoria, Illinois.  Sarah worked on the cardiac floor at a local hospital and also managed an anticoagulation clinic before finding her true calling as an ultrasound nurse and counselor at the Women’s Care Center in Peoria, Illinois. Because of her passion for building a culture of life and the great admiration she had for the Women’s Care Center’s unique and highly effective model, Sarah began working to bring Women’s Care Center to Lincoln. Unfortunately, the number of abortions that take place in the Lincoln community is increasing.  In 2017, 519 abortions were performed in Lincoln at the Planned Parenthood on South 48th Street.  In 2018, that number increased to 618…. a 19% increase, clearly illustrating the great need for additional life affirming services in the community. In every community with a Women’s Care Center, abortions decline dramatically and abortion clinics close.  In South Bend, Indiana, the city where Women’s Care Center first started and a city that is similar in size to Lincoln, abortions have declined 73%. Women’s Care Center has proven to be the most effective, highly results-driven, pro-life ministry in our nation’s history. Due to financial support from people like Steve and his RUNBORN initiative, Women’s Care Center is blessed to be open. In order to continue serving women and children in Lincoln, ongoing support is crucial as Women’s Care Center grows. To learn more about Women’s Care Center, visit their website at www.supportwomenscarecenter.org or contact Sarah Kroner, Registered Nurse/Director at 531-500-4981 or sarahk@supportwcc.org.

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