Check back soon for details about how to donate!

Thank you to all who donated to RUNBORN 2020!

Last year, we raised a total of $40,992.36.

Our RUNBORN 2021 Goal is $55,000!



Swim Supporter = one free shirt

Steve’s Birthday Supporter = 2 free t-shirts 

Ironman Triathlon Supporter = 3 free t-shirts  

Run Supporter and above = 4 free t-shirts  

See last year’s t-shirt below. Check back soon to see the 2021 update!


All involved with RUNBORN, and the women and children you will be supporting, thank you in advance for supporting RUNBORN and the fundraising effort it is embarking on for St. Gianna’s and the Women’s Care Center.  The main purpose is to raise financial funds, but any of these additional ways you provide support are greatly appreciated also: prayers, spreading the word, join a few miles of the event, email words of encouragement, etc.

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